>Working today was like molasses. I had such a hard time getting motivated, but ended up getting in a productive push after all. My problem was that I had a lot of reading to do, which I basically just had to give up on and start writing instead. Once I was writing I could be a little more surgical in my reading, and stopped dozing off.

I started out easy by translating the Asbjørnsen section (which was really short) and ended up deleting a bunch of it, since it didn’t really fit. Then once I’d done that I went back to one of the texts I’m working on and then found some really relevant passages that I could analyze. I’m excited about how it’s coming together, especially because of how strongly the gender aspect comes through. It finally dawned on me that all the folktales collected in the frame narrative (and the frame narrative itself!) are all about negotiating marriages, which of course is the main point of this chapter on “national romances.” It sounds painfully obvious when I write it out here, but really I just hadn’t seen the connection previously. D’oh.

I also added a tiny conclusion to the section on Fjeldeventyret which I think sums up that section in a strong way. It was only one or two sentences about the possibilities that the play’s open ending suggests, but I think it makes a big difference because it connects the analysis more directly to the rest of the chapter.

The cabin project lecture last night ended up being an amazingly positive experience. I had expected an audience of foreign students, but nearly everyone was Norwegian. There was a group of three graduate students who asked brilliant questions afterward and even invited me along for a beer (I had tea instead, since my throat is still hurting) and a really enthusiastic and enlightening conversation about all kinds of things. It was so much fun, and also a huge relief that the Norwegian lay audience didn’t think my theories were full of shit.

WORDS WRITTEN: hard to say since I deleted a bunch, but this draft now has 450 more words than the last one.


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