>Today was another day of cutting and pasting, and I feel kind of like I’m cheating when I do it. I jumped from 19 to 28 pages today, partly by writing new material, but also from adding some chunks of writing taken from two other papers. Both of them were written in Norwegian, so they’ll have to be reformulated. I started working on that, but I realized that I’m feeling really tired (I was up at 5 this morning), so I think I’m going to call it quits for now. The important thing is that all the major pieces of this chapter are now in place, except for a conclusion. Of course there’s a ton of work left to be done beyond the conclusion. Each section needs to be rewritten and expanded, and transitions and linkages need to be strengthened. But at least now I can start to look at it as one cohesive unit. Eventually, I’d like it to come in at around forty pages, so I’ve still got lots of room to expand. I’m going to print it out now, let it sit for a day or so, and then give it a careful read-through before diving back in to revise. But for now, I’m super happy with how this has progressed, and I feel pretty confident that I’ll be able to tell myself I have a complete chapter draft by April first, which has been my goal all along. After that I have to write a quick conference paper, and then my next major milestone is getting a complete draft of chapter two by June first.



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