>Space cadet

>Today was supposed to be the day that I completely finished fixing all the quotations and providing translations. I was foiled, in part by a library mystery and in part by my own absentmindedness. The university library didn’t have a single English translation of Fruen fra havet, and what I though was my copy of the English translation of Nokon kjem til å komme turned out to be a different Fosse book (d’oh!).

I did go through and add translations of all the quotes from the secondary literature, and converted all the Norwegian quotes from Fruen fra havet from the school edition I’d been working from to the official HIS edition of the play. I also did a little tinkering with what I had written along the way, so it’s starting to shape  up a bit. My colleague and I decided that we’re both ready to send off our work to each other today, and we’ll meet on Monday for a critique session. I’m really jazzed about that! They’re always so fun and so incredibly helpful.

The article still doesn’t have a decent title, which kind of bothers me. I’m worried that it’s an indication that the article doesn’t really have a clear point…


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