>Okay, it took a whole package of Pringles to do it, but I think I finished a decent draft of the article today. My stomach feels gross, but I have 20 pages of text that appears through my saturated fats-induced haze to function as a coherent argument. I can’t wait to do the WIP exchange next week to find out how I can make it better.

I’m off to the library to pick up an English translation of Fruen fra Havet and the Henrik Ibsens Skrifter version of the original so that I can spend the day tomorrow on the niggly work of making sure all the quotations are right. This translation-less draft is 6912 words, including the bibliography. That means that I wrote a smidge over 1000 words today. Yay! I’m so relieved, and am anxious to clear the decks and dive into the cabin book, fi-na-lly!



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