>I had a little more time to devote to the article today. I’ve been reading Fosse’s essay collection, Gnostiske essay over the past week, and have also read the introduction to Fruen fra Havet in HIS, and a couple of articles on the play, the best of which so far is by Olav Solberg.

Things are starting slowly to fall into place. I got a tiny bit of writing done today, and I can tell that if I get a few uninterrupted days of writing in, things will really start to fill out. I focused mainly on the respective ambiguous endings of the play, and more on the setting.

I also took the (in my view) brave step of composing a letter to Jon Fosse. I’m having a colleague look at it today. I want to ask him whether he sees any similarities between the two plays, or whether he thinks my idea has any merit at all. I’m loathe to send it in one way (I hate the idea of bothering an author at work), but on the other hand I’m really genuinely curious about what he thinks.



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