>New Goal!

>With the Peer Gynt manuscript sent out into the world to perish or be published, I’ve been trying to retool my brain and get started on the next project. It’s hard. I feel a little like I’m in Peer Gynt withdrawal, and I worry that I may never has as much fun doing research ever again.

 I’ve decided on a short term tactical project, rather than jumping right back into the cabin book. It’s going to be a 20-25 page article comparing Ibsen’s Fruen fra Havet with Jon Fosse’s Nokon kjem til å komme. I got the idea some time in January, and have been compiling a bibliography and doing some reading and a tiny bit of writing in the background. Today was the first day of looking at the project in earnest.

I had 532 words written as an introduction and outline of the article. After reading about three articles on Fosse this morning, I found something (Rolv Nøtvik Jakobsen’s “Vakkert eller boring? Ein resepsjonshistorisk tilgang til Jon Fosses dramatikk”) that got my creative juices flowing. I also sat down and wrote out outlines of both plays – act by act.

I have probably spent about three hours today messing around with that initial introduction draft. I almost immediately jettisoned a couple of paragraphs, pushing me back to a meager 315 words. I’m now up to 1582, and much happier with the premise of the article. It actually even started getting a little fun toward the end. I should be able to spend all day tomorrow on it as well, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be over the hump and able to be productive again.



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