>Today I FINALLY finished all the last details on the book manuscript and printed out two copies to send the potential publisher. I am so proud and happy. I know it faces a very uncertain future, and that I’m not really done, but I really want to savor the moment a bit. Exactly five months ago I woke up early on my birthday with a really clear conceptualization of the book, banged out an outline before the rest of my family woke up, and now less than half a year later there it is. I deviated surprisingly little from the original conceptualization. I added theory along the way, and found many more examples of the phenomenon I set out to explore, but the core of the idea held up, at least through to this stage. It feels GREAT!*

TOTAL PAGES/WORDS WRITTEN (not including the bibliography): 191 pages, or 57,770 words.

*Of course now I’ll be desperately anxious about what the peer reviewers are going to say and whether the manuscript will be accepted, but I’m trying to stave off those anxieties for a little while at least and just enjoy being done.


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