>It feels like forever since I’ve had anything to report on the book. I haven’t heard anything back from the potential publishers yet, and I’ve been swamped by administrative and teaching tasks since the term started two weeks ago. Last week all I managed to do was fill out the bibliography more. It’s very close to complete now. I haven’t yet decided whether I’m actually going to go to the trouble to do translations of everything yet. Each publisher does it in a different way, and I would hate to go to all the trouble only to have to change everything one or more times. I think at this point I’m just going to submit the manuscript without translations.

Today, I decided I just needed to stay home so I could make at least a little progress on the final polishing of the book manuscript before January ends. I realized quite a few weeks ago that I had missed a major early national drama in my review of the light musical comedies that Ibsen wrote “against” in Peer Gynt, namely Peter Andreas Jensen’s Huldrens Hjem from 1852. I found out about it when reading my colleague’s article on Ibsen’s journalistic writing from the early 1850s. Apparently Ibsen butchered the play in a review from 1852. I haven’t actually read the review yet (I’ll be able to do that on Wednesday, I hope), but I did find a copy of the play. I finished reading it today, and it fit really well thematically with the other four I’ve been looking at in comparison to Peer Gynt. It (like most of the others) is a dreadful play, but it’s a hoot to see how Ibsen turns the interlinking set of themes and images that they all use upside down.

I was able to insert short discussions of Huldrens Hjem into the chapter without too much difficulty. I’m going to take a little break now and see if I can’t put the finishing touches on chapter five too. I’ve not quite yet resolved what to do about the the Peer Gynt at Giza production from 2006. I need to do a better job of fitting it into chapter five somehow. Maybe just reading through the chapter will help.



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