>Details, details…

>Today I finally managed to arrange a trip to the National Library to revisit the Opøien/Øverland comic strip version of Peer Gynt. I was able to compare both versions, and thus figured out what was in the missing strips (sexual content! Anitra naked!), and also copy two articles about the comic strip from 1969 and 1970 that I needed to look at. It was then pretty easy to integrate that material into chapter three, which I’m now declaring totally done.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that I skimmed all the older studies on Christianity in Peer Gynt earlier this week. It was good to get all that material in place conceptually, though it didn’t add much new material or perspectives to my book. It was mostly just background material for the footnotes.

I also started reading Linda Hutcheon’s A Theory of Adaptation from 2006, which I should really have read before I started the project. I added a short paragraph on it to the introduction, and now I feel I have all my bases covered.

My friend L just gave me feedback on my conclusion, and had two good suggestions for revision, so I’ll be thinking about those over the weekend.

Finally, I was lucky enough to have been given a collection of Ibsen articles that was just published. There are five or six articles that touch upon Peer Gynt that I’ll try to get through this weekend.



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