>Yay, today was another really useful day of revising. I stayed at home so that I could really concentrate on re-reading Skagestad’s Peer Gynt parody, Det stig av hav. It took me a long time to make sense of the play, but I now feel I’ve got a good grasp of it.

My main revising task was figuring out how to improve the discussion of Det stig av hav into chapter three (what I had from before was really just a placeholder), which was already growing too long and cumbersome. In the back of my head all morning as I read I was mulling over what if anything I could cut from the chapter to alleviate the situation, but I didn’t have any ideas until the moment I opened up the document on my computer. Rather magically, what I needed to do became instantly obvious to me, and I can’t even believe I didn’t think of it before.

I have two chapters in the book on literary parody: chapter 2 deals with Peer Gynt and the earlier plays that Ibsen himself parodies, while chapter three deals with late-twentieth- and twenty-first-century parodies of Peer Gynt. Back in December when I added the theoretical section on parody to the manuscript, I decided it had to be in chapter 3. This was a purely pragmatic decision: at the time, chapter 2 was long enough, and chapter 3 was way too short. But now that I’ve filled out chapter 3 in terms of analysis, it is actually way longer than chapter 2. It makes much more sense from a potential reader’s perspective for the theory to come at the beginning of chapter 2, since it relates to both chapters.

It was pretty painless to extract the theory section from 3. I now have a separate document with that material read to insert into 2 when I get to work on Monday. And with those three pages gone, there was plenty of room to do a decent job analyzing Det stig av hav. Calculating words written today becomes a little tricky for my math-o-phobic self but here goes. I started with 10,523 words in chapter 3 and cut 754 for use in chapter 2. That left me with 9,769 words. I then worked like crazy on the new section and cut out nearly everything I had written previously, knocking me down to about 9,460 words. In the end, I came in at 10,185, with a vastly improved chapter and a net increase for the whole manuscript of…



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