>I got everything that was in my binders entered into my bibliography today. There are still many sources to add, especially newspaper articles. I’m going to have to go through the whole manuscript along with the bibliography and add the missing sources as I read along. Oh well, serves me right for writing in such a whirlwind of enthusiasm.

I added a tiny bit to chapter 3, but got distracted by administrative duties. I also read Tormod Skagestad’s program commentary for his 1962 production of Peer Gynt  at Det Norske Teatret, which I didn’t know about, and I sent out an inquiry to my colleagues asking for help identifying the figures in a satirical Peer Gynt comic strip by Steffen Kverneland. If you have a Norwegian IP-address you can see it here (go to page 30). I also saw in Store norske leksikon that Skagestad intended Det stig av hav as his contribution to the EF-debates of 1972, but it doesn’t indicate exactly where he stood. I need to read the text more closely!

PAGES/WORDS WRITTEN: I don’t know, maybe 50?


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