>New Years Update

>I actually did a little work between Christmas and New Years, but it hardly seemed enough to report. I wrote a draft of the cover letter I’ll be sending to my first choice in publisher, along with a draft of the book prospectus.

Today was my first day back at work after the holidays, and I actually got a lot done.

  • Got started on the bibliography, which has been nagging at me.
  • Revised chapter 3, cutting a lot of material (forgot to check how much) and adding a new section on Skagestad’s Det stig av hav for an increase of 366 words
  • Revised the section on Peer Gynt, Inc. in chapter 4 for an increase of 144 words
  • Added a new section to the conclusion on Peer Gynt-koden and “Peer, astroversjon” for an increase of 658 words
  • Read Peter T. Newby’s “Literature and the Fashioning of Tourist Taste,” which finally arrived by ILL
I’m pretty happy with today’s productivity, and feel pretty confident I’ll be able to tie up all the loose ends over the next two weeks or so. It will be a great feeling to get the manuscript out and under consideration with a publisher.

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