>Day 22/retreat day 3

>I only had a couple of hours today before checking out. I worked on revising chapter 5, and although I didn’t get as far as I would have liked on the Giza section, I did make a bunch of corrections through out and added an important section to the conclusion where I try to contextualize these new religious readings of Peer Gynt within contemporary Norwegian society. It isn’t fully worked out yet, but I think I’m on the right track. I cut 99 words and added 377.

Along the way, as I was consulting some of the Giza sources I actually found a couple of references that strengthen my argument in chapter four, so I added them there, for another 104 words.


That brings my grand total for the retreat to 5293 words. Not too shabby! I managed my thirty pages and more in only twenty-two days, and so I guess that means the end of daily reports on this blog. I’ll take some days off for Christmas. There’s still some final revisions that need to be done (including translating quotes and making a bibliography) before I can submit the manuscript, and I also need to craft a book proposal for publishers, so I’ll check in sporadically with updates on those fronts. This has been an exciting and challenging process. I’m sure I’ll look back on these entries with some amusement at a later date. It has been fun to document the thought process for such a complex project. I’m not totally sure whether the blog has helped or hindered me. My suspicion is that it helped in the sense that it motivated me to get something done many times when I otherwise wouldn’t have, just so that I would have something (anything!) positive to report. Cheers!


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