>Day 20/retreat day 1

>It almost killed me to get here (I have a horrible and debilitating cold), but I’m up high above the city of Oslo at the Voksenåsen conference center. It feels like I’m the only guest here, and the conditions are perfect for getting a lot of work done. I arrived about 1:30 and by 4 o’clock it was starting to get dark. Here’s the view from my window:

The building to the left is the rest of the conference center, and you can just see the lights of Oslo beyond the trees. And this is what I’ve been looking at for most of the afternoon:

I can make faces at myself in the mirror as I’m writing. It’s a comfy little work space, and actually my room is quite spacious, with two single beds and a fairly large bathroom. And best of all it’s perfectly quiet.

I thought I would report on my “økter,” which is to say work periods. My first one today was from arrival to dinner time, and I hope to get in another økt after dinner.

Første økt: I finished reading Øvrelid’s book on the Per Gynt festival, and revised chapter four. It ended up growing a bit. I added 473 words, so the total for the chapter is now 10,338 words. I think I’m going to leave it at that. Now in the 45 minutes before dinner I’m going to start reading Botten-Hansen’s Huldrebrylluppet, and will probably spend the rest of the evening doing that. If I get through it, I may start revising chapter 2, otherwise that’s first up for tomorrow morning.

Andre økt: I got through the first 50 pages of Huldrebrylluppet before dinner, but it was too unwieldy to take with me to the dining room, so I picked up Gisle Selnes’s article on Ibsen’s Hegelianism to read instead. Boy am I glad I did! A bunch of things pertaining to chapter 1 became clearer to me, so after eating I came back and started revising the chapter. I added 258 words, and I’m going to call it done for now. I’m now going to crawl in bed and read the remaining 100 pages of Huldrebrylluppet.

ETA: Finished Huldrebrylluppet with 20 minutes to spare before an episode of Lewis. I think I’ve earned the right to watch it. The play made pretty much no sense at all to me. I’ll need to re-read Tveterås’s article tomorrow at breakfast and hope for divine inspiration as to how I’m going to integrate a discussion of Huldrebrylluppet into chapter 2. Gulp.



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