>Day 17

>Today I had to run around like a madwoman gathering everything together that I’m going to need for my retreat on Monday. Thankfully, two necessary books came in through ILL:

Øvrelid, Ragnar. Per Gynt-stemnet 1928-2003. Lillehammer: Dølaringen Boklag, 2003.

Figueiredo, Ivo de. Slipp meg: En bok om Henrik Ibsen. Oslo: Aschehoug, 2006.

And then I went ahead and bought a copy of:

Runde, Øystein and Geir Moen. De fire store: bukk fra luften, bukk fra bunnen, Obstfelder er forsvunnen. Oslo: Cappelen Damm, 2010.

I’ve got all the articles in two binders, a selection of key books, a CD of the latest version of every chapter, a print out of the whole manuscript, volume five of Henrik Ibsens Skrifter, and the Oxford English translation. It will be heavy (I’ll probably have to pack a wheeled suitcase) but do-able. I’m stoked, but it will have to wait, since I won’t really be able to do any work over the weekend.



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