>Day 15

>Today was a “housekeeping” day, as I have used the ides of each month as a milestone. My tally as of today is 148 pages, which still leaves 22 to go out of my 30 pages for the month. Sigh. I am starting to entertain thoughts of January as perhaps being necessary for the completion of the book. But January is already filled with other projects: revisions on a cabin essay, preparing the Bjørnson paper for submission, reading all the essays for the Hamsun volume that I’m co-editing, prepping for class, and writing the Maurits C. Hansen section for the cabin book. Gulp.

At any rate, I did my tally, and what’s more printed everything out and collected the draft in a binder. It’s a pretty solid looking document! I also did some paper pushing, which is to say collecting all of my loose secondary literature into a binder as well. I ran out of time at work (had a fascinating two and a half hour meeting with a scholar from Scotland that killed much of my day, but was very worth it) so they remain unsorted, but at least they’re a step closer. I realized that I don’t have anything close to a working bibliography prepared either. And then there’s the awful fact that I’ll need to prepare a formal book proposal to send to my potential publishers. Eep.

I also read a short essay by Asbjørn Aarseth called “Peer Gynt som tolkingsproblem” and got a little further in chapter five of Hutcheon’s A Theory of Parody.



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