>Day 14

>Read about half of chapter 3 in Linda Hutcheon’s A Theory of Parody on the commute today. Also photocopied all of Paul Botten-Hansen’s Huldrebrylluppet in preparation for reading it. This was my last full day of oral exams, so as of tomorrow I can pick up more intensive work on the book again.

ETA: finished chapters 3 and 4 in Hutcheon. Found a key passage on page 75:

“[…] parody’s transgressions ultimately remain authorized – authorized by the very norm it seeks to subvert. Even in mocking, parody reinforces; in formal terms, it inscribes the mocked conventions onto itself, thereby guaranteeing their continued existence.”

ETA: also sent an email to someone requesting some help with some sources. Practical stuff counts too, right?

PAGES/WORDS WRITTEN: about 80 scribbled words


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