>Day 9

>I think I’m going to call chapter four done, at least as a draft. I spent my work time today reading through it and revising, and after a pretty thorough edit I have to say I’m pretty happy with it. There’s one paragraph that I think is also in chapter two (I’ll have to make a decision about which one will keep it) and a paragraph that I may want to move to chapter three, but other than that it holds up surprisingly well as a cohesive chapter, despite having been written piecemeal.

There’s a certain symbolic advantage to declaring the draft finished, even though I know there’s still more polishing needed before I submit it to a publisher (that goes for the whole book, of course). Right now I need to redirect my attention elsewhere: next week I’m going to work on the weakest chapter of the book, the one on revisionist or parallel novels based on Peer Gynt. I’ll miss about three days of writing because of oral exams, unfortunately, so there probably be much to report here until Wednesday at the earliest.

I had a thought this morning after reading through chapter four that I should really switch the order of chapters three and four. This one is strong, three probably isn’t. Three relates thematically to five pretty well, so that maybe some synergy might be generated by having them next to each other instead of split up by four? And four kind of continues some issues raised in one and two… We’ll see.

It’s amazing that this book is actually starting to materialize. One thing I need to do before my retreat is gather all my materials in notebooks. I’ve already got a theoretical binder going. I need one for all the newspaper articles, and of course one for the actual manuscript draft! It’s always exciting to me to fill a binder with the makings of a brand new book – definitely one of my book writing rituals.

PAGES WORDS WRITTEN: the mathematical total is 393. I did a massive amount of cutting and adding today, so there’s no telling what the actual number of words written is.


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