>Day 6

>Woke up and added a little bit based on Watson’s Literary Tourism to chapter four. When I saw that this brought me to just under 1000 new words in the past 24 hours I did a little editing of the introductory section and bumped the total up to 1010 words. Yippee, I made my first milestone for the month! It looks like 1000 words is about three pages double-spaced for me, so that means I now need a total of 9000 words by the end of the month. I think I can, I think I can…

Later: Had a fairly non-productive day at work. I did get good feedback on my introduction draft, though I’m going to sit on that for a while longer – maybe even until I’m done with all five chapters – before I revise it. I did some reading in Per Gynt-Gården: En gjestebok to see if there was anything there I could make use of. Not sure there was. I was interested to read how Dobloug’s background is described as lower middle class and average, despite the fact that both his mother and he inherited what amounts to a fortune. He stresses his being raised by a single mother in a humble Oslo apartment, perhaps as a way of authenticating and legitimizing the raw luxury of the Per Gynt-gården itself? I don’t think, though, that there’s really any reason to include that discussion in my chapter.

I also read some more in the Watson monograph, and have found some good material. I decided to start a second document, as I’m not sure how much of that material will actually make it into the chapter. I’ve printed out the draft of the chapter so far, and will read it carefully tomorrow. I haven’t looked at it as a whole at all. 

One other task I got done was the drafting of an abstract for the Across Media conference in Trondheim in early May. I’m calling it “Tourism as Adaptation: Ibsen’s Peer Gynt in Gudbrandsdalen.”



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