>Day 1


  • Shower thought: I could use the Øverland/Opøien PG comic strip from 1970 as an opening anecdote to chapter 3. I wonder if it can be related to the lead up to the EEC referendum in 1972. What else was going on in Norway in 1970? The first wave of immigration. Need to read Jon Nygård’s piece about it in Aftenposten.
  • Shower thought: I should just call Maihaugen to inquire about the St. Hansnats Eventyr performance. Is it still going on? 
I should also probably think about this (and the may reviews of the performance listed in Ibsen-bibliografien):

Haagensen, Nils-Øivind. “Nynorsk bukkeritt.” Klassekampen Oslo 11/1-(2005) (Om Jon Fosses oversettelse av Peer Gynt til nynorsk for Robert Wilsons oppsetning på Det norske teatret. Intervju med dramaturg Ola E. Bø. )

There’s mention of translation to Gudbrandsdal dialect and an earlier Nynorsk translation for Det norske Teatret in chapter 4. I need to integrate this new translation into that factoid. But wait, maybe it merits a slightly longer discussion in chapter 3 too?

Oooh, and what about this:

Frihet som livsbetingelse: Ibsen international short text project. Oslo: Transit, 2006 (Antologi med åtte av de norske bidragene til Det Åpne Teaters “Ibsen international short text challenge 2006”: Husarenes ettermiddag / Jesper Halle. Fridom / Jon Fosse. Stolen / Gro Dahle. Jegerne / Wetle Holtan. Skade / Arne Lygre. Utflukt / Gyrid Axe Øvsteng. Vi to / Marit Tusvik. Rød, Snø og Ulven / Lisa C B Lie. ISBN 82-7596-073-8, ISBN 978-82-7596-073-1 

I definitely need to look at that to see if there are any PG-related texts. ETA: I looked at it and it will have to wait until later. I just don’t have time right now to read it, though I’ll try to squeeze it in after Christmas.

There is also a short film competition from the same year (the Ibsen Jubilee) that I want to look at, but both will probably end up being a separate project.

  • Afternoon: No research or writing, since I had to prepare my last class for the term, which is on Jon Fosse’s Nokon kjem til å komme. I did call Maihaugen and got the number for a contact at Lillehammer Amatørteater, the company that put on the production. I was a little intimidated to cold call a person who is probably just a volunteer. I would have much preferred an email address. I’ll need to work up the guts to call her. It doesn’t sound like it was much of a success beyond the 1991 performance.
  • Afternoon: On and off all day I checked out various hotels and resorts, and ended up booking a room at Voksenåsen (up past Holmenkollen here on the outskirts of Oslo) for my writing retreat from 20-22 December. It’s expensive, but I really hope it will be worth it.
  • On the ferry: read Tveterås, Harald L. “Botten-Hansens Huldrebrylluppet og Ibsens Peer Gynt.” Edda 4 (1967): 247-262

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