Big things afoot! Planning has started for collaboration with scholars and theater practitioners in southern India, and I’m starting to plan a trip for February. There will be a lot of stops, though most of my work will be at the University of Hyderabad. I’m super excited!


Other than that, the proofs for the Peer Gynt have been delayed until early January, which is a bit of a bummer, but kind of a relief too, as I still have quite a bit of grading to finish off this week before everything shuts down for the Christmas break. I’m trying to decide if it’s even worth the effort to take any serious reading or writing with me on a 9-day family visit right after Christmas, or just stick with the two MA theses I need to evaluate. I still have a few teaching/service related tasks to clear off my desk before I can dive into the research stuff in January too. Here’s hoping I still remember how to do it!


I’m Back!

I seem to have completely forgotten that I used to keep a research blog! My apologies for the radio silence. I’m not quite sure what happened, other than that November turned out to be a bust in terms of scholarly writing. I’m now deep into end-of-term grading, with no end in sight.

There has been a bit of progress though; I finished proofing the cabin book, so that’s out of my hands, and I expect to get the proofs for the Peer Gynt book sometime maybe next week. I also finally–after some detective work on my part and some heart-warming generosity on the part of a member of the general public–tracked down a high resolution digital copy of that wonderful photograph of the Peer Gynt mountain road. I’m so excited to be able to use that as the cover image.

Next term I have a much lighter teaching load, and I have a ton of research and writing to catch up on. I guess I should take a moment to line up the projects that need attention:

  • the article on the quirky feel-good movie genre (due in January)
  • revisions to the Frankenstein article (due by February)
  • submit abstracts to IASS and maybe one other conference (due in January)
  • work up 10-minute presentation for departmental seminar (9 January)
  • introduction to edition of Archer Ibsen translations (due in April)
  • SASS conference paper on Meyer’s The Summer in Gossensass (due in March)
  • NLU conference paper on Peer Gynt adaptations (due in March)
  • invited article on Ibsen and comic strips (due in June)
  • and of course most importantly work on the Ibsen på tvers av norskfaget book

Phew. That’s a lot!

15 November: Halfway!

Today was a big day! I am thrilled to be able to say that I have submitted the Peer Gynt-book manuscript. It was a total headache, and I’m sure there are tons of mistakes and oversights, but at least the vast majority of things are now fixed. Phew. What a relief.

This doesn’t leave me all that much time to complete my other goals for November, but I’m still hoping that I’ll at least be able to come up with a complete draft of the Meyer article. I fly to London on Monday, and will go to the British Library to look at the Meyer archive Monday afternoon and as much time as I need to on Tuesday. I’m hoping to use the rest of the time I’m in London (when I’m not at the seminar) as a kind of writing retreat.

14 November

For some reason I had a super tough time getting going on the book corrections today. It finally dawned on me to make a “punch list” with a list of the page, the citation and what needs correcting. That helped a lot, because then I didn’t have to go through everything in the order it appears, but rather work from the list according to which sources I had most readily accessible. It’s a long list, and I figure I got about half the items crossed out by the time I left work today. That means there’s still a significant push to get it all done tomorrow, but I still think it’s possible.


13 November

So today was the in-house seminar, and despite all my grousing before hand, it ended up being very fun. I have no illusions about the level of my paper; it was very superficial and designed for comic effect rather than scholarly impact. I think it went over okay, especially considering it was late in the day and I’m still suffering from a debilitating sinus infection.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a full day of book manuscript revisions. Hope I can get it all done…

12 November

Today was a teaching day, but I got quite a bit done on the seminar paper for tomorrow. Unfortunately, it still lacks a conclusion, but I have a little more than three hours tomorrow before the seminar starts to try to come up with something. I’d really like to bring the paper back around to the Dingstad book, since that is the point of departure for the seminar. I started reading his chapter on Holberg on the way home from work, and am hoping maybe I can find something there, since the last thing I discuss in Når vi døde vågner has been described (by Didrik Arup Seip) as “holbergsk.” We’ll see. The fantastic administrative leader of the center has read through my paper and promises corrections and suggestions for improving the wording tomorrow morning (it’s in Norwegian, so I can always use help there), so that’s a relief. I think I want to put my quotes on slides for the presentation, and I also want to add a couple more Nansen photographs (including one of his now infamous nude self portraits). I think the seminar is supposed to be a little light-hearted and less seriously academic than most, so I’m hoping I’ve interpreted it correctly and won’t be excoriated by my colleagues for a silly and superficial paper… Gulp!

The only other research related things that happened today was that I hit a dead end with the Peer Gynt-vegen photograph (the organization I contacted didn’t own a copy), but tried another lead, and I also got proofs on my Når nettene blir lange article for Journal of Scandinavian Cinema and an okay for my suggested timeline for revisions to my Frankenstein article for Reception. So there’s a lot percolating these days!

Words written: 695 on the Nansen paper

11 November

Much to my surprise (and delight) I got a ton of work done today. I stayed home for the first part of the day with my son, and was able both to have fun with him (Monopoly!) and make it through all the content edits on the book manuscript. That leaves me with a few small details to track down, and all the quotations and citations to double check and fill in, but I think I can get all that done if I get in a full day’s work on Thursday.

I got to my office at about 1:00 and left about 4:30 and during that time I worked on the Nansen paper for the seminar on Wednesday. I used the visual material to jump start the writing–I am going to refer to quite a few photographs of Nansen in my presentation of Ibsen’s Nansen-parody in Når vi døde vågner. Picking out the photos and getting them organized helped organize the structure of the paper too. I now have 1342 words on the page, with a bunch of stuff that needs filling in, so I should be okay in terms of length, assuming I actually have time to work on it between now and noon on Wednesday!

Oh, a Facebook friend posted the program for the seminar hosted by Landslaget for Norskundervisning that I’ll be presenting at in March. The theme is “Forestillinger om det norske.” Looks fun!

Words written: Nansen-paper = 804, Peer Gynt-book = ??